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2006-2011; 2011-2016Edit





  • 2000: The Beyond Broadcasting sculpture built by the late Eduardo Castrillo. while the building is fully-completed.
  • 2002: logo of GMA Network unveiled as the first incarnation of heart-shaped rainbow (also known as Kapuso). the logo unveiling is shown live at the sunday variety show, SOP. while inside the lobby of the network, the GMA logo since 1998 is still in the stair glass, the walls with GMA logo since 1998 removed as they added the title card of any shows while others still in the wall but it changed by the 2002 GMA Logo. the GMA logo at the building is glowing start in night-time.
  • 2006: The network adds the mobile tower at the top of the building, the glass changed.
  • 2008: the construction of the annex building finished in night, the "GMA" logo at annex opens light similar to it's Main Building.
  • 2011: the text "News TV" is added under the "GMA" logo. (later removed)
  • 2013: the fire hits the basement of the building, and repaired before.
  • 2016: the elevators added in the building, the GMA logo at the annex building is changed and restored the color cause the color took away.